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People remember it when you hit the right note

Yoko is about bringing together a community of talents to come up with innovative, far-reaching and fair solutions for brands looking to make an impact in an ever-changing world.

From brief to delivery up, Yoko guarantees a relationship without intermediary, with no loss or fictional service.

Selecting the experts that best fit the mission, Yoko enables strategic thinking hand-in-hand with a cutting-edge creation and an efficient production tailored to the economic realities of the market and the purposes of the project.

A few words about our team

This is what makes us tick


A perfect knowledge of the advertiser and genuine interest of him.


A relationship without intermediary with no loss or fictional service.


The creation of a tailor-made creative, commercial or strategic team through our talent network.


A high-speed production from brief handling to project delivery.

Engaged CSR

Some advertisers buy “budgets” while others opt for value chains. With them in mind, the path we take complies with environmental standards and working conditions.

With their support, we always opt for French manufacturing, recycling raw materials and any other initiative that strengthens this approach.

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